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21 oktober 2018 kl. 11.30-12.30  OBS! Evenemangetdatumet har redan passerat!

Snowchild a case study

Seminar in English I Seminar in English I Seminar in English

How to get the first feature film off the ground - From inspiration to creating the world of Snowchild.

Snowchild is Uta Arning's first feature film set in Japan. We will look at the Behind the Scenes documentary and discuss how the story came together and how the film was realised despite the low budget.

Uta Arning has worked with Oliver Stone, Roger Spottiswood, Shekhar Kapur och Todd Solondz. Her first feature film Snowchild was rewarded at Moscow's International Film Festival. The film also received the jury prize at Peace and love filmfestival in Sweden.